Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Arm Candy



It’s no secret that women LOVE purses. It is one of the biggest niches in the fashion industry and every day we are bombarded with new styles. Celebrities usually dictate which trend us mere Mortals will follow by purchasing these big ticket items- and then prance from salons to yachts to movie premieres with their Arm Candy.


Open any gossip magazine while checking out at the grocery store and you’ll see them all. Sometimes it’s kind of obvious that they are flaunting their Candy, teasing us, letting us know that these drool-worthy pieces are out of our reach—mostly.


Which of us has a secret baby bump to hide from the paparazzi? It’s easy to do if you hide the bulge behind your oversized multi-animal-skins hobo! Going to yoga this afternoon? Just toss you water bottle and yoga mat in your ‘fresh off the runway’ carryall and off you go!


Fear not, mere Mortals! We have an easy solution.


Shop online at ILovethatpurse.ca


Drool-worthy? Check

Designer-inspired? Check

Rose Gold details? Check





And Oh, they’re all Vegan!


Told you it’s easy, it’s like taking candy from a baby!






Thank you for your continued support


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