Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dreams of Sandy Beaches

Hello! We are coming upon one of the busiest times of year for travel and one look outside and you can understand why! Ol’ Man Winter is almost forcing us onto a stretch of a sandy beach to catch a few rays.
What are you waiting for? Call his bluff and book a getaway! Once upon a time, winter travel meant you had to book an entire week off. Nowadays, with everyone’s increasingly busy schedules, a few days are all you need! Try creating your own long weekend by taking off a Friday and fly out Thursday night to your destination. A few days in the sun is all it takes to recharge your mojo so you can face the rest of winter.
To make your getaway easier, book it as an inclusive package. Many resorts are now catching on to the trend of all-inclusive jaunts for busier folks. All you have to do then is pack a weekender and you’re off!
Speaking of weekender bags, check out the selection on I Love that and I’m sure you will find one that will be a great companion on your travels. All come with functional inside and outsides pockets that will hold all the necessities of a weekend getaway!
And don’t forget your sunscreen!

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