Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Salute to Winter-Canadian Style

So here comes Father Winter.

By now, every part of Canada has had a dose or two of winter. This comes as no surprise really to us northern folks. We are a stylish bunch that happens to live in a place with a lot of snow. Who else but Canadians could demonstrate how to do Winter Chic? Ever seen the Winter Collection of Haute Couture fashion houses? They always include a Trapper hat, fur (or faux) trimmed winter boots, sleeveless puffy jackets and a plaid flannel jacket thrown in. Again, no surprise for Canadians. That's our uniform from around October to April. Of course, everyone adds there own personal touch to the basics and Voila! 

Because we have to embrace winter, we are obligated to keep up in the style department. Our changing seasons makes it necessary to prolong our chic factor way past fickle Summer. Along the way, a new pair of boots is added, perhaps in a fresh new colour, a pair of elbow length velvet gloves for fancy winter dinner parties or Date Night. Maybe a new hand-knitted scarf sent to you from a favourite Aunt from "out East". And of course, a couple new purses along the way....just because. We like to mix it up. A little designer, a little department store and a lot of personality. 

Really, we may like to complain about it sometimes, but winter give us another opportunity to flex our style power all the way back to SPRING! 

Bring it on, Father Winter!

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