Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to shape eyebrows

  • Round Shaped Face – A round face looks, well, round for lack of better words. The hairline is round, and the cheekbones are not well defined in this common face shape. Avoid rounded eyebrows as they will only make the face appear more round. Instead, choose a high-arched, angular shape that adds contrast.

  • Oval Shaped Face – Supposedly the ideal face shape, oval faces have a wide forehead, prominent cheekbones and a delicately tapered chin. Again, avoid rounded brows as these may make an oval shape look round. Opt for softly-angled brows with a slight arch.

  • Heart Shaped Face – Heart-shaped faces are identified by a pointed chin, wide cheekbones and wide hairline. The pointed, angular chin associated with this face shape makes angled brows a bad idea. Instead, choose a round shape that will soften the angle of the chin, resulting in a more balanced appearance.

  • Square Shaped Face – A square face is identified by a wide forehead and square, prominent jaw line. There's two ways you can go with this shape. You can opt to keep your brows angular to maintain an overall angular look or soften your features with softly-curved brows.

  • Long Shaped Face – Long shaped faces look square, but they're a bit longer, resulting in an elongated appearance. The goal for this face shape is to make it appear shorter. Severely arched eyebrows create more vertical lines, resulting in further elongation of the face. Choose flat eyebrows or softly curved ones.

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